Another great, one of a kind piece up for grabs on the OUR TWO HANDS KICKSTARTER painted by Mason Fetzer. 

Head on over to the campaign page to see this and other great rewards for contributing to the film.

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bloodknotsflyfishing/our-two-hands


Project Background:
 ”Our Two Hands” is an investigation into our societies complex and intimate relationship to fly fishing for Salmonids. How did we arrive at this crossroads of conservation and sportsmanship and what are the creative alternatives to the currently flawed management practices for Salmon  and Steelhead? The balance and longevity of steelhead fly fishing culture lies in the fate of these fish. The beauty and pursuit of these fish has created a culture, community, and livelihood for recreational fly anglers, guides, small companies, artists and many others around the world. We want to introduce you to the new efforts being made in the conservation arena. The economics of fishery management, the guides on the river day in and day out, and the culture of two-handed rods and the swung fly. We could eventually lose the cumulative experience if we don’t input a transfiguration of fishery management, re-think our world views regarding technology and nature, and come together as a community.
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    If you fish, this is worth your support. If you don’t fish, but you like clean water and healthy, vibrant ecosystems,...
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